Saturday, April 11, 2009

A lonely 8

... in a week where exercise has been almost non-existent.

no running
nor walking
nor swimming
just lots and lots of cooking....and inevitably, eating.

But i have my man with me, so its ok ;)

AI needed his baju melayu for a pre-graduation lunch on sunday so the three of us went down to lendu immediately after golfman's game. its also the last opportunity for us to check out his digs before he completes his dip this sem.

Waaah.. bersih giler siot!! nothing at all like AF's or for that matter, his abah's place during his student days lol. way to go dude... tapi kat umah pun kena la maintain macam tu gak ek!!

And AI's suggestion of dinner at Seoul Garden was a good call indeed. rupanya tak rugi turun bandar melaka.. although i had my misgivings especially when we started hitting the massive traffic jams into the city. best jugak masak on-the-spot macam tu (wish you were with us aie)... bila makan panas2 sedap je semua. silap2 terasa macam berlakun drama korea pulak ekekeh ;)

The ride back home was pretty scary tho... while in melaka, the air was thick with kelkatus busily kamikazying themselves against my windscreen. thank god it got better as we entered the NS border. i wonder what could've triggered their presence? the mess they made was bad enough but washing their remains off the car was extremely yukky business :(

Nasib baik la the kelkatus in these parts remained sane lol

AF - i'm glad you're back in sp safe & sound. the long journey to trengganu must've been backbreaking or at the very lease, butt-aching lol.
AI - honestly anak, abah & me both agree we've never been to a rumah bujang more spick & span than yours -_-' and please remind me of the tayar botak the moment you get home k!

Workout Log
AM - 8k/55mins/TSA (it was a damn good run... lepas gian lol)

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