Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If life is a drama

... you better make sure you get a good scriptwriter ;)

Earlier this year AH was coerced by her friends in the drama group into producing a script for the school drama competition. In true 'bidan terjun' fashion, she came up with an adaptation of jodi picoult's my sister's keeper.. and unfortunately in true 'primadonna' fashion, her friends missed the fine nuances and failed to grasp the depth of the story.

They were used to the vava voom, mami jarum, datuk datin, glam kind of script that's focused more on direct delivery & action, rather than articulation & body language. so the moment they laid their hands on a more 'suitable' alternative (makcik berada's son falls for makcik nasi lemak's daughter, who's father dies tragically and mother becomes disabled and one of them turns desolate enough to want to kill themselves.. or something along that line), they dumped her script and didnt even have the decency to let her know about it face to face. she found out about it much much later from someone totally unrelated.

Come on la, that was totally uncalled for. of course you can do whatever you like but at least deal with it the proper, more 'gentlemanly' way. is it that hard to be open and honest?!!

Anyway, AH is again involved in the makings of another script and this time its for a bunch of her male buddies. arshad zamir (of the kurus fame) approached her for a favour.. seems that he & gang wanted to put up 'something' for teacher's day and gave her free license with content. 'something' turns out to be a short play about the desperate bid of a nerd to shake his pathetic image in a spectacular 360 deg turn.. and in the process, finds himself. they had a practice session down by the tasik last sat and AH admits the predominantly male cast was way easier to handle so shes probably going to stick to that formula from now on lol.

Apa2 je la sayang... asalkan bahagia ;)

Oh and yesterday was the audition for the annual Teacher's Day concert.. dunno if AH's rendition of manbai's kau ilham ku caught her teacher's fancy or not.


chakry said...

oh, i can totally relate to her predicament...

not really having a good time here, trying to convince people the way we put our words, and delivering them in style, is somehow, more powerful thank typical physical/superficial humour..


Justiffa said...

Aah my favourite murse :)

It can be frustrating but dont give up on whatever u strongly belief in.