Saturday, February 28, 2009

Girl power

... and its AH's first kick-boxing session today at the Pusat Akuatik gymnasium.

Heh, at last i got her to kick some butt hehehe!! and she decided to change her guitar lessons (that came with the package) to aerobic dance instead.

Thats even better :)

I want her exercising more to balance up with all that mugging for spm.

And the RM50 package offered by the centre which includes choices from 3 modules (swimming/dance-guitar-violin/self-defence) is pretty darn cheap :)

So, my beloved is back in moscow... talk about a whirlwind trip!!! but now at least i hope he'll have some time for sightseeing (finally) since they're probably cutting the visit short and will all be going back tomorrow.

Gawd i still turn green... no i'm not a hulk wannabe ekekeh, but green with envy whenever i realise that my other half is in moscow!!! its one of the places i so want to experience!! but at least he's there and i hope he managed to take a lot of pics (abe you did promise) to share ;)

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