Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Moscow-Saratov : 1 1/2 hr flight
Saratov-Vol'sk: 3 hr ride.

VOL'SK (Russian: Вольск)
- A town in the province of Saratov oblast (saratovskaya oblast), western Russia. It is located 147km to the north-east of the city of Saratov and lies along the Volga River opposite its confluence with the Bolshoy (Great) Irgiz. Originating as the small settlement of Malykovka, it was made a town in 1780, first called Volgsk, later Volsk. Since the Russian/October Revolution (1917), Volsk has become one of the largest centres in Russia for cement production.

Population: 71,124 (2002 Census), 65,500 (1991 est.).

Local weather forecast Vol’sk, RUSSIA
Feb 24 2009 (as of 9 am)
Hi: -12°C, Lo:- -17°C
Barometer: 1032.9 mb
Dewpoint: -20°
Humidity: 79%
Visibility: 20 km
Precip in last hr: NA
Precip last 24 hrs: 0 cm
Wind: 7 km/hr E
Sunrise: 6:48 AM
Sunset: 5:20 PM
UV Index: 1 Low
Observed at Ersov.All times shown are local to Vol’sk.

Feb 25 2009
Hi: -9°c, Lo:-15°c
Partly cloudy skies.

Feb 26, 2009
Hi: -7°c, Lo: -10°c
Cloudy skies.

(from: http://weather.msn.com/local.aspx?&wealocations=wc%3a35445&q=Vol%e2%80%99sk%2c+RUS&setunit=C)

Golfman reports that its snowing lightly in saratov and although cold at -16c, at least the sun is out :) he'll be spending the nite at vol'sk.

Moving on, AH did a wondrous thing today and surprised even herself.... she took over the dissecting of a lab rat when her classmates suddenly turned squeamish on her!! she never thought she had it in her to do such a thing lol.

Maybe now she'll consider medicine.. the rat doc doesnt have too bad a ring to it hehehe ;p

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