Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unmet needs

.. and making do with what you have.

I need my husband but i cant have him so i need to run but i cant do that either. its been raining almost every morning since he left.

Running in the afternoon saps my energy, running in the evening/nite scares the hell outta me so....

I'm now not only needy but have also been reduced to whining.

Pathetic giler.

Someone pls help me get outta this hole?!!!


Ely said...

what happened to red kebaya???

hope u're doing fine.. :)

just wanted to invite u to my new blogshop...sudi2 lah datang visit when u have the time ok!


Jose Heleno said...

Please, visit me in I am living in the Cape Vert Islands - Africa.
Do you want be my mates?
Jose Heleno
Cape Vert

Anonymous said...

JT, if running's been your de-stressor all this while, then running is the answer. I'm living proof. Cheer up!

Justiffa said...

Ely - ltns hon :D

Oh you'll still find a lot of RK in justiffa hehehe ;) and wow just lookee all the coach bags at your shop!! niceee ely :)

Justiffa said...

Haza - ur running again girl!!! just knew that nothing could keep a dedicated runner like you down for long hehehe.

Way to go haza :) but pls take care (hugz)