Friday, February 6, 2009


- the hand is getting better. still as hideous as ever but the pain's almost gone, which is a great relief :)

- the hubs might be having an extended stay, yehaaa !!

- mak seem a bit more settled now that mamat's gone and she can focus all her love & attention on adek.

- AH's settling well in her semi-ready room.. having the tv on helps when the next door akak has her full moon episodes (my neighbour's daughter has schizophrenia and her wails can be pretty scary in the middle of the nite).

- AF & AI's being such mature adults these days.. i'm so proud of you guys :)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/31mins/TSA


momilo said...

Lepas anak, mak pulak dah ... anyway, get well soon. Take care the hand! These things happen ...

Justiffa said...

Momilo - yeah these things happen but for some more often than others haha ;p n thx for the get well wishes :D