Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More about

.. the hand ngeh ngeh ;p

Not again eh?!! but its a glaringly prominent thing in my life right now (cant cut off my hand and shove it into the closet now can i heheh?) sooo, yes.. again :D

More pics..



Dontcha think its a great improvement (oh and pls do ignore the urat berselirat ok), all within 12 days? seribu syukur :D


Your Average Mat said...

Looking good !

Justiffa said...

Mat - thx & welcome.. aunty rasa kenai, kalau betoi la mat yang kat SP tu ;D

JoKontan said...

Kak Tiffa !

(oh ! I just lurve the new-er Tiffa..)

Alhamdulillah. Great recovery (sp) !.

(Rasanya dah pernah comment kat sini days ago.Tapi tak nampak pun.. Must be age's catching up..)

Justiffa said...

Aaah Adinda Jo!!!

(Tiffa..Tipah..Pah same je hehehe)

Yup looks pretty ok ek... and forget about age la, as long as we're breathing God's air, its all good ;)