Friday, February 27, 2009

High density areas

.. i'm sure nothing beats density quite like china & russia.

Only in a highly populated area would one find 3 major international airports (moskva airports) in close proximity of one another and thats how it is with moscow.

Theres the:




And golfman has been to at least two (the lucky bugger) !!

He's flown off to St Petersburgh and will be spending the nite there. hope he's keeping up with the hectic pace. wouldnt do him any good to fall sick or something. and it promises to be an extremely quiet weekend back here with the lot of us.. neither of the boys will be coming home this weekend.

Just when i could certainly do with some distraction, sheesh.


aranam said...

Nice blog...:)

Justiffa said...

W'salam Aranam.. tq and welcome :D

Was at ur place a while back and i liked the way u play around with words. sure wish i could do something like that :)