Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unexpected outcome

.. fighting the demons in my head, i ended up doing my best 4k ever - 25 mins!!

Again, lets not compare the time with anyone else's ok bcos my standards are way low hehehe, but its my personal best and to think i did it without even thinking about speed. all i had in mind was, "how the hell am i going to let him go on sunday?"

Maybe thats the key.. maybe bashing ur brains out trying to solve unsolvable problems or trying to find solutions to solution-less situations, are the answers to improving one's running time. but whatever it is, at least now i know i can still shave off my 30mins if i really wanted to :)

Abe - Для тебя, ради тебя и за тебя жизнь моя!/ Dla teb'a, radi teb'a i za teb'a zhyzn' maya! *
AF - however could we have overlooked such an important thing as the road tax?!! just imagine going merrily about your business since november lol.. lucky thing abah was checking the files and found the renewal tucked nicely in it. nanti ma cek dgn poslaju about delivery k.
AI - sorry la anak, the rihanna concert tickets are just way too steep for me to consider. beli je la vcd dia or something k.

*(translation: for you, because of you and to you is my life! )

Workout Log
AM - 4k/25mins/TSA

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