Friday, March 5, 2010

Dont worry be happy

One cannot dismiss or deny the fact time will bring about many changes both physical & physiological. i am close to 50 and naturally expect these changes to occur... but its not that easy bcos in our hearts we're the same person we've always been, as far back as we can remember - young, free, almost age-less.

But resistance is futile.. and denial only makes it worse so i've been teaching myself to embrace each change and to reevaluate myself every step of the way. no, embracing the changes doesnt mean giving up on myself, no siree.. it just means that if i dont succeed in overcoming the latest obstacle, even after pooling all my resources to do so, then i should gracefully concede that its here to stay and plan the best ways to deal with it. no whining, no complaining but to keep managing the best i can...  even within a limited sphere, the quest for continuous improvement should go on.

And i'm not kidding when i say resistance & denial can make matters worse. there're people who come out of midlife crisis hurting the one's they love & losing everything they ever really care about. so we grow old, so what? some say its just numbers. well, maybe so but i dont entirely agree. yes, we can always stay young in spirit.. but realistically, no matter how well preserved, the body is subjected to wear & tear and will go thru some form of deterioration. so just like a runner should respect the distance, we should also respect the age.

Be realistic. jangan main hentam je semua. no pain no gain doesnt really apply when you're middle-aged lol

And whats with the reluctance to talk openly about menopause? its a natural phenomena and happens to the best of us. and even the men have their very own andropause, so whats the big deal? if we women are getting a little drier, the men are also getting a little softer so what the heck, all is fair lol. and if we really need help, there are so many options out there, both conventional & traditional.

I guess the best bet is to stay informed, be open to the changes and get on with it as gracefully as we can. the good life doesnt end just bcos we've gotten old :D


Oldstock said...

Err... your running distance is starting to fall below average ke Justiffa? Or the aches and pains in the joints now take longer to go away... hehehe..

Can't avoid growing old, but we can always try ensure our minds stay sharp.

June Malik said...

haha i love this view of your esp the drier and softer part !! hilarious but true !.. we simply have to accept and make best of what we can and move on gracefully .. rather than try to stop the process ha ha ..

Justiffa said...

Lebih kurang camtu la oldstock ;p just a 2-week break & my muscles were already going nuts on me.. sengal sana sini haish. need to work at keeping flexible la nampaknye.

So care to share how you keep fit & healthy and the mind sharp oldstock?

Justiffa said...

Hehehe.. as gracefully as we can eh june ;p

pakmat said... pausing now, justi..its full speed ahead..hehehe..for the best has yet to come..just take care of your teeth..:)..cheers..(hmm..maybe we should form a support group..:)..)

Justiffa said...

Owh teeth ya pakmat..i'll put that on my priority list heheheheh. and yes why not, as the pearly gates beckon us, we'll be needing all the support we can get :)