Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Steel fingers

As the kelantanese would say "ceroh bijik mato"!!

Yup, thats exactly the effect i get everytime i pay a visit to my most fav masseuse on planet earth, wak maimon ... the world suddenly becomes a much brighter place lol.

She's a 78 year old lady who still manages to pack a punch each time she prods and kneads away at those stiff & knotted muscles.  she's definitely not for the faint hearted but she knows her stuff. and even though i question my sanity every time i put myself at her mercy, i leave feeling all flushed & lighter on my feet.

All part of what one would call 'maintenance' ;p


xplorer said...

found your blog by accident , i understand what you mean , nothing beats the visit to your favourite masseus to get the blood flowing again

Justiffa said...

Welcome xplorer :)

You know how it is, especially when one's older, everything starts to become sluggish.. so kena la somehow lancarkan balik. saunas are good too, but probably not such a good idea tgh panas2 ni.. bole cair otak lol

Oldstock said...


This is a very clear illustration of the concept of gaining pleasure through pain... which reminds me, I need to go for a urut session too. All those driving up and down the NSE is not doing my back any good.

Justiffa said...

Oldstock - and if you dont have the time then make time, it'll be really good for you :)