Thursday, March 18, 2010

Full of surprises

Well, she pulled the rug from under our feet once again!!

The hubs & me, we're both in the technical line.. he's in oil & gas and i'm in construction.  but our interests are wide & varied and we're not guilty of spewing technical jargon everytime we open our mouth lol. and since my love for the printed word has seen to it that books are strewn all over the house,  the kids have grown up in a pretty diverse atmosphere.  in fact, although they are all science students, none of them has shown the slightest inclination towards a technical career and seem to be more interested in language & communication.

Theres even a running joke in the family that the 3 of them was going to take over the world - AF would be controlling the youth thru teaching, AI  the masses thru media and AH the mindset thru psychiatry/psychology. talk about an overactive imagination hehehe.

But looks like that grandiose plan of theirs will be going up in smoke. looks like lil sister is bailing out lol

After the initial euphoria AH has been showing signs of stress.. especially when friends & family pop her the 'soalan cepu emas', that question of questions.. "kau nak ambik apa?" and although we gave her the space to think things thru, we thought we knew the answer.

Well.. we thought wrong.

"Ma, i've thought about it and i'm taking mechanical engineering".

Silence. you could almost hear the seconds tick-ticking away. and if my jaw could drop any further it would've reached the floor.

Now where did THAT come from?

So things are not as clear cut as it seems.  the need to zero in on a final choice has made her dig deep & re-think her options.  and to aid in that process i've been walking her thru the many career choices available and guiding her thru the maze.  edu fairs like the one put up by UiTM in seksyen 7, the MARA fair in PWTC and the one in mid-valley last week really helped.

Plus the in-put, both positive & negative, from her uncles & others in the field.

And still she is abdamant about her choice and is as certain as a young lady her age can ever be about anything. and thats all the hubs & me need to know.  if thats what she wants then we're behind her all the way!!

But its somehow a little ironic that instead of the boys, its our bongsu girl who'll be taking up engineering lol.


pakmat said...

..and is that her mother's shade she is wearing?..and Oldstock would welcome her with open arms..and when it come to children? parents are the last to know what is percolating in their minds..cheers..

June Malik said...

Chicks rule :) all the best to her, my niece studied same and now working and enjoying herself!!

Anonymous said...


wellcome to the world of mechanical engineers - the few, the proud, the me's.

i should know, being a mechie myself, hehehehe....



Justiffa said...

Oh pakmat, her mom is the ultra simple type... those shades are her own lol. yea its true, we dont really know which way those cogs are turning in their minds do we? but thats the beauty of mankind ;D

Justiffa said...

June.. i sure hope it'll turn out ok for her. of course we always want the best for our children kan :D

Justiffa said...

H, u bole jd her mentor la kan kan kan ;p

Btw.. way to go la H, keep on pounding that track (u untung, the one at klcc tu sgt2 sesuai utk creaky ole joints like ours hehehe) n maybe one of these days kita drag golfman skali for a running date :D

Oldstock said...

Way to go, young lady! I'm sure you wouldn't mind being called a Minah Enjin... ;-)


Just to let you know, none of my three sons show any inclination of becoming engineers.

Justiffa said...

Hahaha minah engine... i forgot about that one :D

Tu la kan, bebudak ni have a mind of their own.. but maybe thats the way it should be, kita ni support group je ;p

Anonymous said...


no problem, glad to be of mentol.

yes, we should run, ni tengah upset sebab keje abis lambat tak dapat jog....



Kak Teh said...

justiffa,none of our children followed our footsteps although the two boys have the wit of the father. However, one daughter's blog has revealed a lot. we told them, dont follow our footsteps if you want to be rich.

Justiffa said...

Jgn stress H... run when you can. tp jgn nanti when time allows it, you plak yg ngelat hehehe ;p

Stay strong, stay consistent k *thumbs up*

Justiffa said...

KT - tu la kan bebudak ni hehehe. i just wish them a happy, healthy & meaningful life ahead. and although the RM's important, its not everything right? ;D