Monday, March 1, 2010

Hope springs eternal

He's gone for now.. but this time i'd like to think i've made some progress.

Hopefully, he has finally opened his mind to the merits of running & how easy it is to fit into his bz schedule.  last week he allowed himself to be persuaded into getting a pair of supernovas (before this good shoes were never on his priority list) and running gear.  after all, looking good can be a great motivator  ;)

And he left with the promise of building up some mileage so that we could run together.

Will i finally be realising my dream? :D

And to usher in march (already?) i'm publicly declaring my war on the stubborn 2kgs of extra whatever that i've put on since eid of last year.  jaga kau lemaks muahahaha (and no, i havent turned into a mad cow.. yet lol)!!!!


Anonymous said...

no wonder u dun mind to turn up @ our aerobic class...jogging ngan cik abe ghupenye...~~~winkkkkk!! ;p


Justiffa said...

Num - cik abe akak tu pemain golf tegar.. dah lama akak cuba tarik dia lari tp kecundang. only lately ni nampak mcm bersemangat skit.. so sgt la happynye saya ni hehehe *wink wink balik*