Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cyber jam

The sudden influx of online applications by spm hopefuls have jammed up the cyber superhighways well & good and i found myself right slap bang in the middle of it via my daughter.

As the mak/pak/guardian /penjaga its my duty to make sure that she's on track & not missing out on anything..  and the stress of it all is making my hair fall off in bunches (almost la lol).  sponsorship & scholarship opportunities come with datelines and the 'on-line application only' option is actually very very frustrating, especially when a million people (ok la i exaggerate lol tapi memang ramai la kan) are all doing it at the same time. depending on your luck you can spend hours or even days in front of the computer trying to get onto the portals without succeeding, or even if you've managed to log on you get stuck every step of the way. then you're thinking maybe it'll be easier logging in at 3 or 5 in the morning when everyone else is asleep but turns out, everyone's up just like you lol.

But thank god today we managed to settle most of the standard application spm candidates here have been doing since time immemorial (ipta/ipts/jpa/mara/petronas/bank negara etc) and i can breathe a little easier. dapat tak dapat lain kira, janji dah buat yang mana patut :)


And after work i'll be going to my first ever yoga class yay.

Yes.. it has been that stressful lol.

Abe.... its done. its now up to HIM :D


June Malik said...

all the best to your girl (and you hehe) and how was yoga? hope u enjoyed it too

Justiffa said...

I wouldnt be so stressed out if the hubby was around..shared stress easier on the soul la hehehe.

All the best to u & yana osso :D