Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yoga initiation

After my first try at yoga yesterday, i think its something worth pursuing, for me at least.

With my muscles shrinking and my joints creaking away, all that slow stretching would definitely help.  but the key is to take it slow & easy bcos overstretching can be just as bad as not stretching at all, or maybe even worse.

In the 1 hour session, i was introduced to a couple of the usual poses for beginners

- Downward facing Doggy/ stretches & strengthens the whole body.

- Cobra Pose/ increases flexibility of the spine.

- Camel Pose/ streches the front of the body & increases flexibility.

- Tree Pose/ strengthen legs & improve balance

- Cat-Cow Stretch/ increases flexibility & abdominal strength.

- Extended Triangle Pose/ stretches & strengthens legs, groins & hamstring

- Warrior Pose 1, 2 & 3/ strengthens legs & back.

- Mountain Pose/ basic standing pose

- Staff Pose/ basic sitting pose

- Child's Pose/ relaxes in between poses

- Corpse Pose/ relaxes at the end of each session.

After doing a little online research (read: googling of course lol) i know now that i had gone thru a Vinyasa Class i.e. a lot of movement incorporated into the stretching, which suits me just fine.

But hey, my first love will always be jumping about like a hyper monkey lol.. just hoping that the slow moves will balance it up a bit.

Dunno la.. we'll see ;p 

And just for the record, its the benefit from all that controlled stretching & breathing that i'm seeking, not the yogic philosophy or way of life.

AM - 3.8k maintenance run/TSA 
(didnt have the luxury of completing the additional 200m this morning bcos i would've been late for work).


June Malik said...

just continue, u will love it more each time and it helps your stamina too :) i stopped when injured my shoulder but am starting again next month, all injuries cured ! have fun

Justiffa said...

I hope to continue but i do need to reschedule my time properly. found out i really need to work on my arms... apparently its not as strong as my legs la, bila support weight je dah goyang, haish.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats for the new 'venture'.

Justiffa said...

Thx OS, hopefully dpt la brtahan..akak ni kekadang senang lose focus -_-'