Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Astronomical propotions

Golfman & me had a jaw-dropping moment the other day.. the extent of which almost broke our jaws lol.

With him away most of the time, i am of course the appointed caretaker/caregiver... which means managing the finances as well as seeing to the needs & well-being of not only our household but also that of my MIL's. and thru the years i've come to expect the unexpected.

But his latest celcom bill came as quite a surprise.  after only about 15 days of settling the last payment, he received a reminder that he had already hit the RM 1,000 mark and was fast exceeding his limit!!  now this has never happened before even after years of globetrotting. and i must admit, i did suddenly get all suspicious on my man.. "hey, you having something on the side here that i should know of?" (imagine the hand on hips stance, furrowed brows and piercing stare hehehe). to which he replied with a simple "hisshhh"!!

So we went to talk with the celcom people.. getting billed for over a thousand was a big deal for us. and after a long, round-a-bout session, we eventually found out golfman had accidentally been calling up our daughter's number a couple of times (7 to be exact) and its been going into her voice-mail. which in turn had been recording the rustling & bustling of his movements to the max of  4:44 mins per call, which, for all 7 calls came up to a total of - RM 568.10!! and all that RMs for the recording of 'nothing' (and i could've gotten me a brand new adistar sheesh).

So for you people out there who roam about God's earth trying to make a decent living, please make sure you 1. disable your hp setting for voice mail 2. inform your service provider.

Otherwise be prepared to leave ghost messages and pay for it ;p


Cheryl said...

Ouch! That's very expensive 'voice mails'. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes, we are just so 'occupied' that we did not 'realised' it.

Justiffa said...

Hi there cheryl.. can still wish you gong xi fa cai or not? hope you have a happy & prosperous year ahead :D

Ya la.. very expensive mistake, one that should'nt & must'nt be repeated (hopefully la lol).

pakmat said...

..and beware too of accidental net surfing..you might not be aware of it..or the keys accidentally activated..but your phone could be surfing, whilst the owner going about his thing unaware..until the bill comes..

Justiffa said...

Ha ah pakmat another one of my fears.. kena gak selalu pandang2 indicators kat hp tu in case tertekan bende pelik2.

tq for sharing, jdbb :D