Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kita boleh!!

.. and with that, so ended my 2 day seminar on kaizen & the 5Ses.

Call me old & jaded but i dont have that much faith in the effectiveness of such programmes anymore. for starters, its usually based on management's impulsive whim & fancy. moreover its usually just hangat2 tahi ayam. both of this factor makes the whole endeavour unsustainable. so theres always a whole lot of huh-hah initially but after a while all that remains is something that very much resembles a deflated souffle lol.

I'm not saying that the content of the seminar was completely worthless. nope, nothing is without value and everything is here for a certain purpose. incorporating the 's' series of sort, set in order, sweep clean, standardize & sustain would certainly make the workplace (or the home for that matter) a brighter, more organized place. and kaizen.. well, if we didnt already dedicate our life towards continuous improvement then we'd all just be gathering moss wouldnt we?

So i'm not here to argue whether its a good thing or not. i'm just saying that for something to be effective & sustainable, it really needs to be thought out through & through. obtaining such & such certifications for the organization is well and good, but to actually create a shift in the mindset of the workers as well as bring about actual change in the workculture, now that takes a lot of time & effort.

The target of achieving 5S certification by june 2010 seems rather farfetched to me. not if we really want to make a difference.

Workout Log.
AM - 4km/25mins/TSA .. gawd it was a great run, i managed to shave off 5mins :D
PM - Aerobics Masala/50mins/NRG Fitness


Oldstock said...


I'm with you on this one. I've been through numerous seminars and courses on all sorts of management systems or techniques. Each one claims to be the best.

In the end, it always becomes, as you said, as hot as chicken shit.

I have observed that the situation or environment in any workplace depends largely on the attitude and personality of whoever is in charge, be it the head of your small department/unit or the CEO of the whole organisation. Change this person and the whole culture changes with it.

And what have I learned from all this experience? Make myself adaptable. It's fine to hold fast to certain key principles but be prepared to exercise some flexibility.

Good luck with your 5S programme. Whoever thought of this acronym must surely have so much time on his hands :-)

Justiffa said...

Oldstock..like they say up north, "pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak" ;)

Yup.. us old timers at my office has somewhat perfected the art of 'going with the flow & rolling with the punches' - bosses come & go but at the end of the day we're the ones stuck with the work.

And thx.. tak tau la bertahan ke tak hehehe. and the japanese..they do have the tendency to be a little obsessive ;)