Monday, December 14, 2009

Another flat

What is it with me & tyres?!! i seem to have the knack for coming up with flats every now and then.

I was at the immigration office earlier this morning. being early, there was plenty of parking space at the otherwise congested pkns complex. and even though the line at the immigration counter was long (as expected since its the school hols) at least it was moving and i got myself a number by 8am. since i wasnt making a new application and was just renewing my passport, the officers told me that i could also use the kiosk provided. and after they reassured me i wont be floundering about like a stupid idiot bcos there would be an officer there to assist me, i happily made my way there (i usually avoid using auto-machines bcos i get flustered so easily.. what to do, i'm a technology impaired makcik lol).

True enough it took me less then 15 mins to settle my application (there were just 4 people before me) and my new passport would be ready for pick-up after 2 hours.

Wow, this was actually turning out to be not as bad as i'd expected..... or so i thought.

After that things started going downhill. to start with, i found out i didnt have any change whatsoever in my purse except for some coins. zilch, nada, nothing. the kids must've drained all the small change from me over the weekend. not wanting to get stuck at the auto-pay machine, i bought some nasi lemak & kueh so that i could break my fifty. luck would have it, i ended up with a lot of tens and only 1 ringgit.. and the friggin' machine wouldnt accept any of my RM10 bill no matter how many times i tried!! the manual kiosk wasnt open so i went over to McD to break my ten and finally managed to settle my parking fees.

By then i was well on the way to feeling pissed with the world. i'd just escaped from one of the most suffocating places around (read: immigration office during the hols) and the running about & frustration with the parking ticket was making me all sweaty & tired. and when i neared my car and saw the flat tyre, heck, i just felt like dropping everything (my documents, nasi lemak, kueh, juice) and either scream my lungs out or bawl my head off or both!!

Maybe i should get me on of these run-flat tyres.... so can aah abe hehehe?

Of course i did neither (i wish i could've though, i probably would've drawn quite a crowd.. weh makcik giler weh lol). instead i just slowly drove the car to a nearby workshop and had it fixed.. it wasnt the 'totally-unsaveable-and-irrevocably-flat' kind, just 'flat' if you know what i mean.

Unlike the other times when there's always this unmistakeable screw or nail jutting out in all of its glory, this time they had to investigate.. ntah mane2 la tersodoknye paku tu.

And all that hassle & heartache for only RM 5!!


Thats me and my tyres. we have this love hate thing going on lol.


Ordinary Superhero said...

Flat run tyres? yes....but expensive wooi. So expensive that you pray you never really need to have a flat!

Justiffa said...

Weh mahal sgt ek OS?!! tak jadi la camtu... and i thought my problems would be settled ;)

(my abe mesti tak layan hehehe)

pakmat said...

..its like this, justi..sometimes life has its flats..well, mine, anyway..and it gonna take more than 5 bucks to inflate it back to normal..tyres have a tendency to deflate over a need a pressure gauge to least once a week..nice pic of that beemer..renewing passport, huh..? going somewhere?..:)

sak~ said...

Hi, I'm one of your followers. Perhaps your young follower, kehkeh. Jangan la marah makcik ya.

Anyway, nice blog. Keep it up ya.

Justiffa said...

Yes pakmat, tyres mmg go flat if you dont run the car for some time. there was once a bz phase when i completely forgot about the hubs car and next thing i knew, it was almost gone!!! leceh betul..and i thought setakat start je was enuf hehehe.

Keep the spirit up pakmat jgn la dok 'flat2' is short ;) and about the passport, hopefully we might all be trooping to istanbul next week, insyallah :D

Justiffa said...

Hi sak..welcome!!

Dun worry la theres no age or gender discrimination here so young or old pun takpe lol... as long as you can stomach the mindless ramblings of this makcik, sila2kan la :D