Sunday, December 6, 2009

It drizzled this morning but i still made my way to the dataran. my sunday's not complete w/out the butt shakin' session with my buddies lol. the mbsa team was already there setting up the sound system but there wasnt any sign of the instructor. now that didnt bode well for the bunch of us. w/out him, there wouldnt be any ass bustin' butt shakin' earth moving (as in mak2-gajah-trampling-about-god's-earth kind lol) fun time!!

We waited and waited and waited summore... until a group of poco-poco enthusiast decided to fill in the wait with, what else, but poco-poco!! it was sporting of the makciks to take over but i gave up after 10mins (though i usually 'thrive' on monotony & repetition, turns out poco-poco is clearly an exception lol).

So i started my usual run round the tasik but 3.5km into it, i heard the familiar rythmic sounds of aerobic music.. and when i made my way back to the dataran, true enough, the instructor was there and they were all in full swing!!

What else could a makcik do but to just jump right in lol

Well looks like it's gonna be a good day after all :D

Workout Log
AM - poco-poco/10mins/Dataran SA
AM - 3.5k/25mins/Tasik SA
AM - aerobics/30mins/Dataran SA

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