Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pics of the run

I was at RunWitMe's blog (again lol) and look at what i found...

Finally some pics of me actually running... yup thats me at the back hehehe ;)

And a few others..

The lady with no. D001. we 'bumped' into each other at the foot of the dreaded hill and sorta egged each other on. we met again later & she told me she came in 10th.. congrats :D

There was this friendly guy who was sweet enuf to throw me encouraging words as he passed.. not really sure if this is him but he was wearing a red tee n a cap. sure wish there were more people like him around :D

I passed this tall sweet girl along the stretch of warehouses and wondered why she was using the C no. tag.. her daddy's perhaps?

Thx a bunch RWM for letting me cilok these from ur vault :P


Ordinary Superhero said...

Waah, gambar in action summore! Tahniah again.

Justiffa said...

OS - thx ek tp menumpang gambo orang, tapi jadi la sbb sebelum ni akak xde 'in action' pic as u say it ;)

dannie chOOng said...

that sweet girl C033 name is Melissa Lim. guess it's my fault. when i went to collect the bids, i was given that by the staff there and didn't really checked through !!!

Justiffa said...

Hi dannie choong, welcome.. and thx for the info. you know how it is when u're running and your mind start wondering about so many things.. or maybe its just me lol :)

Cheryl said...

Hi, Iffa, err... can I call you Iffa or Kak Iffa?

I'm the lady with D001. Thanks for the 'companianship' at the toughest part of the run and thanks for your encouragement!

Congratulations to you!. Great to have know you and met you.

Thanks to Haza who gave me your link. Keep in touch.

See you in more races!


Justiffa said...

Hey cheryl.. its you, lady D001 :D

Hi.. welcome,welcome!! hope you dont mind me putting up ur pic but i just couldnt resist it when i went thru RWM's vault.. you were among the people i connected with during the run :D

It's more fun when we reach out to others dontcha think lol.. and yes i'm glad our paths crossed too :D

And please you can call me whatever you feel comfortable.. just kak pun xpe :)

Cheryl said...

Hi, Kak Iffa. Thanks for putting that 'serious face' of mine in your blog - nampak macam dah terlalu penat, almost pengsan-ed.

It's so sweet and heart-warming when we get connected throughout the cyber space within everyone who especially shares the same passion.

Thanks kak!

Justiffa said...'re most welcome & i couldnt agree with you more that its heartwarming to be connected by a common passion :D