Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I never really gave it much thought and its only recently that i realised it's actually in shah alam (shame on me) lol but if the write up is to be believed, I-City's going to be quite a big thing :)

Its a beautiful place.. well at least its a great improvement from the previous FRC furniture complex, but the skeptic in me is still alive & kicking so we'll see what happens. theres just so many of the white elephants around la... but just for the record, i really dont mind being proven wrong ;)

Picked up my 'goodie' bag (just tee & number tag) around 11.15am and there was just this other guy (who also looks like he's in the veteran category) and a family of 4. the organizers were as laid back as they sounded on the phone, the tshirts were in bundles still and no effort had been made to at least hang them up to help with determining the sizes. initially there was a slight hiccup with my pick-up.. seems that my receipt alone wasnt good enough. bcos i registered at tourism selangor, my borang was not with them, yet, and if i could please wait till their staff arrived from the office, they'll try to settle the matter (wtf?). well it was almost 11.30 by that time and they were supposed to be open from 11am - 7pm so the usually 'tak pe' me wasnt really in the mood to be accomodating.

After insisting they do something about it, the more senior of the two finally took my receipt & gave me what i was there for.

Haa.. kan senang tu.

With the borang screw up, I probably wont be eligible for the lucky draw or something but its ok bcos i can live with that :)

Do take care if you're making your way there. if you're a 1st timer there isnt really much in the way of road signs to help you out. and the main entrance into I-city is temporarily closed for , i dunno, some kind of surface maintenance or something (mcm xde time lain) so you'll just have to deal with the make-do access. and look for a shop lot with 'event' over it.. its just across another shop lot called 'orange', kalau makcik ni tak silap la ;)

Oh and btw.. as of 3.30pm today my echa hanis will be a 'free' girl heheheheh. it's her last spm paper today and for now the girl & her mama can relax ;D


Anonymous said...

JT, shud see Icity at night. It's a wow! And have fun at friday's run. I'll give it a miss lah. I'm sure it'll be fun.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Yes, good luck, good luck and goood luck. Dont forget to blog about it.

Justiffa said...

Hazaaaaa.. the marathon mummy ;) again congrats girl on ur 6th marathon, mmg akak tabik the springiest of springs :D i hope one one of these days our paths will collide la!!

I'm sure it'll be fun too.... xcept for the last part - kena end with panjat bukit la haza whoosh, pengsan la akak. hopefully nanti ada la yg sudi nak kutip ekekekeh ;)

Justiffa said...

OS - TQ, TQ and TQ.. and insyallah you'll be reading another one of my boring recounts of a makcik huffing & puffing away hehehe.

Hey hows the training for the 12k coming along? musim cuti2 ni jgn ngelat tau ;)

pakmat said...

..salam lady..and we will not settle for anything less than a podium finish..:) goodluck..

Justiffa said...

Pakmat oh PakMat,if only that was possible lol.. but i'm thinking you'd be seeing the pigsy fly before anything like that can happen ;)

And thanks, i sure could use all the luck i can get. you just dont know with these creaky ole joints hehehe :D