Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The boil

Its been a week since he's been back and all that time i've managed to put in only 1 hour at the gym.  not really complaining since its more than a fair trade.. his presence for buckets of sweat lol.  but for someone who depends on the endorphin rush to feel good, its tough.  in fact i swear i'm feeling more and more like a boil each passing day, one thats close to bursting - all swollen & clogged up.

I need to 'pop' real soon...
(Pic from google images)

Yikes (borrowing from the anak mami hehehe) i need to RUN!!!!!!!


June Malik said...

hahahaah u so funnylah gf .. yikes is the way to go lol .. i am starting to brisk walk cant run cos of the ankle .. found new empty roads to run, only problem is stray dogs .. nak bawak pepper spray for them ha ha .. dont worry, u will soon be hitting the gym again .. have fun with ur abang!

Justiffa said...

Adeh stray dogs are my nightmare (osso angry monkeys.. ya surprisingly we have them in my neighbourhood).

Just be careful k juney <3

June Malik said...

itulah and the route is so nice to run .. sigh .. must overcome this problem .. nasib no monkeys .. yang monkey darat ada ler lol