Monday, March 21, 2011

Blogger's block


My life feels like its on hold most of the time.  and my thoughts are a jumbled up mess.  its all churning round and round in my head without any beginning or end. which doesnt bode well for any form of consistent writing.  i can only manage a couple of sentences these days and even then its all pretty disjointed lol.

But i still hafta unload one way or another and writing has always helped me think things out.

So, i guess i'll just hang in there and go with the flow.  hopefully sooner or later i'll be able to share more meaningful stuff other than ultra brief recounts of my running lol.

Lately the demons have been having a field day with me so today i added an extra loop to my run just to chase 'em away lol.  all in all i managed to put in 12k in 90mins.  nothing great but enough to send some of 'em packing, for now at least.

And i'm looking forward to a long monkey-ing session later in the day hehehe.  anyone care to join me?

Lets sweat it all out peeps ;p

Oh btw, part of my duties when golfman is away includes...

repairing leaky roofs -_-'


June Malik said...

U making me Jeles with ur mileage!! Continue like this u shd sign up for u know what! Talk abt demons, mine is still wild and angry and all LOL

Justiffa said...

Babe just dun let 'em get the better of u ;p