Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trodding the barren path

- Clocked in 7.5k for my morning run

- Cleared my chores for the day

- Settled some payments at the bank

- Washed & cleaned both his cars

- Checked my emails and updates

- Now keeping up with the latest on astro

Ceh, its only halfway thru the day yet this restlessness still remains.

Everytime you go away....


June Malik said...

tak ikut? somedays i truly die here lol .. its hard when loneliness hits .. in less than 3 months i have read 9 books .. i guess it wont be long i will finish all the books that i bought and didnt have time to read hehe .. hope to see u soon or better yet, come lah jaybee .. we can have girls day out all day long !!!

Justiffa said...

Nak ikut tapi ntah bila ntah.. at least u can still focus on finishing the books u read. me, halfway i forget wht i'm reading ekekeke.

All day AND all nite long la gf baru rawk ;p