Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to the same old.


When you go i become....


I'm hanging up the cape, i cant be superwoman no more.  its me that needs taking care of this time.

There're gaps where there shouldnt be but life goes on and for now i'm filling it up with.. running.

Thank god for my runs. it clears my head.  it keeps me balanced. and its the time when i talk to God the most.

Today i managed to put in 11km.  its the 2nd day with my new adizero tempo and so far, very good lol.

Back to pounding the pavement y'all ;p


June Malik said...

I haven't done 11k in ages, boleh pengsan kot!

Justiffa said...

Ala you marathon runner oredi la anak mami ;p

June Malik said...

hahaah, i cringe when ppl say that actually LOL .. but i can proudly say i ran a full marathon .. the lari lepas geram tu mostly lari either laju or slow but i think i ran all the way,tak jalan haha .. tak larat buat lagi .. u not going over to stay with abang ke??

Justiffa said...

Theres so much we can do if we put our mind to it eh...and osso whn our mind is on something else hehehe. apapun you did it!!!!!

So much is brewing in tht corner of the world, i pun tak sure whn..sabo je la. in the meantime jom lari ;p

Ordinary Superhero said...

New pair of Adizero? Congrats..

Justiffa said...

Adizero-es are light, makes me feel as if i'm fast lol.

Hope the running's better for you this year ;)