Friday, February 18, 2011

Motivation in numbers.

I have a box of cds & dvds covering a whole spectrum of 'movement' - from yoga to pilates to belly dancing to samba to hip hop to heart pounding aerobics. and usually i end up only partially involved, somewhat distracted, nowhere near the sweaty, smelly animal that i become at the end of my sessions at the studio lol.


Like most other meaningful stuff in our lives, the mind over matter thingy, well its easier said than done. it only works if you have a will of steel. sadly, mine is closer to wood lol, put too much pressure and it'll more than likely bend & break.

Maybe its the age.  i find myself needing motivation more and more these days. probably thats why i find myself spending so much time at the gym.  the interaction with others equally committed to sustaining a healthy lifestyle is both comforting and motivating.

Or, maybe i'm just lonely lol.

Anyway, exercising is more interesting with friends.  we eventually carry each other thru... thru the sweat, the aches, the pain, and on certain days, the lethargy hehehe.  there really is motivation in numbers.

But having said all that, i still find it easier to run alone. i'm too comfortable with my own pace and trying to match somebody else's, especially if they're faster, just creates tension.  i bet by now you've noticed that i avoid pushing myself.. not unless its absolutely necessary.

I'm more wood than steel remember lol.

Gawd, i'm rambling. i always turn loco the last few days prior to golfman's return.  i go thru months without him with my sanity intact but the nearer it is to seeing him, the more unbearable it gets.  its as if all the feelings that i suppress is rushing up to the surface all at once.

I'm getting too old for this la yang.


June Malik said...

hahah u tickle me lah gf .. when u going away again??

Justiffa said...

Me going to lion city very sooooon... but turkmenistan? maybe when cows start flying kot -_-'