Thursday, February 3, 2011

Keeping busy

I cant begin to tell you how liberating it feels NOT to have to go to work in the mornings.  after almost 27 yrs of following the beat of somebody else's drums, i'm now dancing to my own.  and its pure bliss ;p

In between chores, catching up with my reading, ferrying AH to classes (its been ages since she last went back to casa), i've been sneaking short, romantic interludes with golfman heh heh heh.

We've been meeting up in istanbul.

Taking a ferry to Kadikoy over on the asian side.

Meet the 'blind' couple hehehe

Catching a snooze @ attaturk aeroport.

And apart from running, i've also been frequenting the gym.  its generally a young crowd there but they're a friendly bunch and i've become 'the aunty' who always seem to be popping in & out whenever she pleases lol.  i've joined almost all the classes - bootcamp, aerobics, dance, yoga... with the exception of muai thai.  actually i almost signed up even for that one but i realised i didnt quite fancy all the punching & kicking (ouch) necessary to turn my knuckles & shin into numb zones hehehe.  but the true blue thai instructors are really cool, they make it seem so easy.

Guess who's on the extreme right 

Xclusive fitnesz rawks no doubt about it.. but i guess i'll just stick with what i can do ;p

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