Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Side stitches

I really must do something about my side stiches.  i cant just let it take over my run anytime it wants to.  it certainly was a bad one this morning.  enuf to make me wanna stop but i pressed on albeit slower than a constipated snail lol.  thankfully it went away after km 2 and i could get back to my normal pace .

When it hits it really hurts and always on my right side.  the spot still feels a little tender even now.

Maybe age is catching up and i cant get away without a proper warm up anymore.  i did feel more than a little sluggish when i started.  and i've noticed that i usually get it whenever i stop or slow down in a middle of a run.  which doesnt bode well for my plans of running a half/full mara.  mana bole lari same pace throughout? for that matter mana bole lari without incorporating walks in between?

Heh.  must start practicing with the run/walk/run routine so that i can work my way around my side stitch problems.  i'm too much of a pussy to handle running with constant pain.

(Pic from google images)


There's nothing worse than a stabbing, crippling stitch in your side that hits just as you're getting into your exercise stride. It can totally destroy the rhythm and quality of your work-out, so we've out together some ideas for beating the stealthy stitch.
What causes it
A stitch is defined as a side cramp or stabbing pain under the lower edge of the ribcage. Its occurrence is linked to strength and fitness levels, food and drink consumption, running technique, and the length and quality of your warm up.
How to stop it happening
To prevent a stitch in the future:
  • Improve your fitness level
  • Strengthen the diaphragm by using exercises such as those that aid respiratory rehabilitation
  • Strengthen your core muscles
  • Limit the consumption of food and drink to 2-3 hours before exercising. In particular, avoid drinks of high carbohydrate content and reconstituted fruit juices
  • Drink water beforehand to prevent muscles cramps
  • Warm up properly
  • Gradually increase the exercise intensity
  • Try exhaling when the left foot hits the ground, and inhale when the right foot hits the ground
  • Run on softer surfaces
What to do if you do get another stitch
If you do experience a side stitch again, try the following possible treatments:
  • Stop exercising and push into your stomach on the right side with your fingers, and then up under the rib cage. At the same time, forcefully exhale while holding your lips closely together.
  • Bring your running speed down and focus on your breathing till the stitch eases.
  • Try belly breathing, which means inhaling while pushing out your stomach and relaxing your stomach muscles on the exhale.
  • Stop exercising and touch your toes with your fingers. This moves the liver away from the diaphragm.
  • Breathe on different steps
  • Reduce the frequency of breathing. For example, while jogging inhale for four steps and then exhale for four steps
  • The quick success of the above treatments will depend on what has caused a particular stitch so try all the methods till you get one that works!


Julin Julai said...

strangely, I thought this post was about something funny.
ingatkan nak bagi joke..hehe

pakmat said...

..salam that's what this old coot sometimes get..stitches..and nothing to do with needle and thread..or the antics of our politicians..happy new year, justi..take it easy..and take care..

Nin said...

adoii... sounds painful... hope it gets better.

p.s. weird word veri --> sessesse

Oldstock said...

You're really serious about running that 26 miles huh? Wish I could run it with you but I'll probably just slow you down ;-)

Ordinary Superhero said...

I usually slow down a bit and try belly breathing - it works on me

Azza said...

K.Tiff dah practise balik, yayy! Untuk problem tu, boleh lari sama nnt azza buat demo camne nak redakan side stitches :)

Justiffa said...

Doc JJ nanti akak cari jokes to usually my choices tend to be a lil colourful heheheh.

Justiffa said...

Weh pakmat u take it easy osso la... and leave the stiching to the wifey & the BS to the politician ;p


Justiffa said...

Nin, mmg the point kekadang i scare myself silly by overdramatising the whole thing, "eh wht if its my appendix?"

Hehehe...kalau appendicitis dah lama berguling2 yepi track kot ;p

Justiffa said...

Alaaa jom la oldstock, kalau slow pun so be it after all we're not spring chicken anymore heheheh.

Just something to put under our belts :D

Justiffa said...

OS..yup the belly breathing does help somewhat but not so kalau terkena the really 'intense' ones.

So hows the training so far eh?

Justiffa said...

Bole bole..bila la agaknya tu ek?

Akak trying to upgrade my usual 4k runs to 8k.. so far so good tp lebih pada tu macam malas je la. hehehe...maybe i'm destined to be a full marathon virgin for-e-ver ;p

Azza said...

Anytime K.Tiff, azza no prob coz org rumah hanya ada..aku dan diriku..hehe! You'll be an ex-fmv, insyaallah. i can pace with you till end at scklm, anytime can 'sayur' me if i start my larian ciput ok.

hazeleyed lady said...

Cheers to friendship...

Justiffa said...

Thanks azza.. but like i told juney, i dun think i'm ready for it this year, cant seem to focus la ;p

Justiffa said...

W'salam hazeleyed lady...yup heres to friendship both old & new :D