Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Replacement

I am ecstatic. truly.

I have finally found a replacement for 'wak maimon'  the lady with the fingers of steel. my bidan & favourite masseuse.

Yay yay.

I like moving my body parts and sweating like a hog till it drips hehehe.  but such activities aint too good for creaky joints & shrinking muscle so i counter it all by getting myself a good massage every once in a while.

But its been quite a while now,  a rather long while.

Its unfortunate that wak mon has lost much of her hearing, turning communication into quite a problem.  she's also not as active as she used to be and have been known to turn people away.  maybe she's slowly winding down, maybe its time for her to stop.  she is after all already into her 80s.

Which leaves me in a quandary.  wak mon spoilt it for me by setting a certain standard.. a session with her would leave me a little bruised (she really has fingers of steel), a little battered (she doesnt hold back on the kneading & pummelling lol) but otherwise very rejuvenated.

How the hell was i going to find someone like her?

And cutting the story short, i did... and right behind my backyard no less hehehe.

At the place that we (me, the daughter, golfman) usually go for everything & anything to do with hair, theres also other services like facial, massage, sauna & spa related stuff.  but i've never really paid much attention to any of it. not until recently that is.

I found out that the young masseuse came from a long lineage of masseuses/masseurs.. her mommy's a mak bidan and her daddy's a retired tukang urut.  now that immediately caught my interest bcos it means that she's not just a young lady armed with modern techniques (which i care squat about). she also has know how thats been passed down thru the years.  and that made me more than willing to give her a try lol.

So yesterday i treated myself to a 40 min sauna followed by 2 hour full body massage.  and finished it off with a 2 hr treatment facial today.

Tucked in the little corner, the sauna

Yours truly chillin' sweating it out 

Where the 'dough' gets rolled & kneaded ekekeke

Heh, i feel great!!

Like i said, i've finally found myself a replacement ;D


June Malik said...

lets have a massage date, bila i balik nanti ok?

Justiffa said...

Massage date? cooool gf ;D

Nin said...

Owh! Jeles! I am soo going to get myself some post delivery. I love the jelly-like feeling after a good massage, followed with a good snooze!

Ordinary Superhero said...

What a bliss!

Justiffa said...

Nin.. jgn jeles2, the time will come soon enough ;p

Justiffa said...

OS - pi la cari pacik urut, mesti lega. with all that running & cycling (also long hours in front of the computer lol), knotted muscles can be a killer.

Ordinary Superhero said...

K Justi: somehow, the images of these pakcik urut is more of the one that cater for guys that need 'extra' booster rather than calming stress reducing massage available at the spas/massage center for ladies. And those spas so called specially for men, also normally associated with different kind of release. So far, I just stick to the usual foot reflexology at KLCC. :)

Justiffa said...

Heh never really thought about it but i guess you're right.. urut for men do tend to be all about turning you guys into 'power' houses lol. unless mmg betul2 dh trseliuh or sumthing worse. rugi actually, whole body massages mmg best!