Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Chosen One

12 rabiul-awal marks the birth of our beloved prophet.  the  maulidur rasul.. a few are of the opinion that its celebration is bida'ah but for me personally, it has always served as a wake up call, a reminder.

He is Allah's beloved, the chosen one and I am guilty of not knowing him as well as i should, even after all this time.

Join me. lets get to know him better.

1. Al-Raheeq Al-Makhthum, the sealed nectar.

2. The Life Of Prophet Muhammad

3. The Characteristics Of  Prophet Muhammed

4. A Blessing to Mankind.

5. Muhammad PBUH in the Bible

6. The Prophet from A - Z

7. The Guidance of Muhammad PBUH

(E-books: courtesy of Islam Future)


pakmat said...

..there is another by Martin Lings..try to get it..its good..

Justiffa said...

Thx pakmat, will do :D