Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Okey... so  i'm sharing my activities.   again, after a long long break.  nothing remotely interesting about the ramblings of a macik trying her best to keep fit and active after 50  but who knows, maybe there is someone out there who might feel activated enough to try something, anything hehehehe.

But then where do i start?  again?  lol

I guess for now lets just continue with my cycling 'escapades' rather then my running.  it makes better reading since me & my bike get to go to further places than what me & my sneakers can achieve.

Other than my occasional rides round shah alam and my sad attempts at training along guthrie & kesas highways & the streets of shah alam, i've had a couple of satisfying misadventures with my cohorts lol.

Kayuhan Macik to Kuala Selangor - my first 100km.

Kayuhan Macik to Genting Sempah - was initially part of my training to climb up Frasers hill and to date, i've done it three times.

Kayuhan Macik to Fraser's Hill - i remember feeling so relieved that i actually made it to the top.

Kayuhan Macik to Kg Kampuchea - its a piece of kampuchea in the middle of nowhere

Kayuhan Macik to Morib - the start of the beach series lol

Kayuhan Macik to Tanjung Sepat - we cycled to the very end of the jetty lol

Kayuhan Macik to PD - without doubt, a very interesting ride involving a boat trip and ferry.

Kayuhan Macik to Genting Perez - which included an invirogating dip in the river 

Kayuhan Macik to Kuang - part road part trail and a secret mini waterfall.

Macik Ronda2 Kayel edisi KLCC - hopefully, the start of the city series

Macik  Ronda2 Penang - finally my first cycling event after 2 aborted attempts in the likes of ocbc ride 2012 & janamanjung 2013.

I've managed to recap a few of it already in my 'cycling diary - the macik series' (highlighted in red) and all i need to do now is settle down quietly somewhere and pen it all down, which is actually easier said and done lol.  but have no fear, i WILL perservere!!!

At least i hope so lol.

So see ya soon insyallah :)

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