Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swine flu update

SMK S9 closed down class 4 SIK/akaun due to a confirmed case of the h1n1 virus. the rest of the school is operating as usual.

I really dont want to over react but terms like epidemic & pandemic fills me with fear.. and i've heard nothing else since the h1n1 onslought so pardon my paranoia. what best to do, thats my main concern and since i'm not too sure how to actually go about it, i'm just hoping whatever measures the school is taking is adequate enough to contain the infection.

The mask seems like a good idea but it could well turn out to be just a feel good measure. we cant really know for sure who, or if anyone, was close enough to have caught the virus from the infected student. when we're in school we dont just stay in class all the time do we? we mingle especially during breaks so just about anyone could have contracted the virus.

But can we really put our guard up against everyone?

Thats actually what the kids are expected to do if the authorities dont close down the school. which might seem drastic for now but will be the next logical step if a student from another class was to come down with it.

In the meantime? we just wait... and pray.

AA - hope ur celcom line wasnt barred just because i was late in settling ur measly RM95.00 bill... haish berkira betoi la depa ni.
AF - sikit je lagi and it'll be over, and thus a new chapter begins!! hah dapat gaji nanti mesti belanja mama & abah.. and ijat.. and esoh.. and opah.. and nico.. and adik.. and... hehehe.
AI - ma slalu cuak whenever you drive across state lines; you're still my asthmatic baby la u ;) jaga diri baik2 and ingat abah pesan, jangan merayap!!
AH - sweetheart ma harap xde pape la and this latest scare will just pass.

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