Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reality strikes

.. like a splash of cold water but come to think of it, in this warm weather maybe it aint such a bad thing after all ekekekeh ;)

I'm back from a week of cuti2 malaysia in the land of mahsuri and it was fun & theraputic at the same time. to a certain extent it did manage to wipe out the bad taste of bandung still lingering in my mouth.. ptuuuii!!

So the kids are back on tract. to be specific AH is daddy's little girl again :)

Yesterday's biopsy at SDMC was scarier in anticipation than the actual procedure itself. it went without a hitch and i suppose by thursday i'll know whether its good news or bad. whatever the results may be, its inevitable bcos theres nothing that can stop life from dishing you stuff that will usually either make you & break you. so like it or not we have to be ready.

But the good thing is we're not completely helpless in the matter... nope we're not bcos we do get to choose how we'll react to it ;)

Half empty or half full?

Bala atau rahmat?

What we see and how we see it, now THAT is within our control.

Moving on, wtf is going on in this office? i leave for a week and its mayhem!?! and gawd, whats with this memo madness? not enough trees butchered for paper is it? Adeh susah la camni. is there a machine out there that can weed out the true leaders from the opportunists who sees this place as a stepping stone and to hell with the people who gets 'stepped' on?!!

Regardless of how you perceive your actions but what goes round comes round, if not to you then to yours.. which is actually a whole lot scarier bcos they dont deserve to suffer for your misdeeds or shortcomings now do they?

Sheesh, its people like these who gives humanity a bad name and makes you wonder if being a cat isnt a bad idea after all (you get to eat, sleep, poop without a care in the world hehehe).

nico the fat cat

Oh btw have you registered for the shah alam adidas KOTR 2009 yet peeps? its almost end of june and the closing date is set at 03/07/09. it doesnt hafta be the half mara if you're not up to it. choose a category most suited to you (i'll be doing the women's vet at 7-8km) and just enjoy the early morning run :)

So see ya k & have a good day, regardless :D


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Justiffa, nice blog, but somehow I like your previous Blog header, 'Red Kebaya', sounds more exciting and mysterious....
But still.....nice blog here.
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Justiffa said...

Welcome Lee :) and yes me also like my old blog header better.. but the movie kinda spoiled things for me somehow thus the change.

Anyway, thx for the kind words and do drop by again soon k :D

Have a blessed day & best wishes always,