Friday, May 25, 2012

An unexpected setback

I've been a solitary runner for a long time.  and i'm still running bcos it makes me feel good.  it energises me, it boosts up my spirit and above all, its that little sliver of time i get to call my very own, doing what i really like.  for a woman with neverending responsibilities as wife, mother & daughter i treasure the opportunity to just be me, myself, i... and God.  other than in my prayers, He's closest to me when i'm pounding that pavement. i get my head cleared that way lol.

Then came 2011 and it ushered in another aspect of running,  the people factor...  that i didnt have to run alone, that there were other like minded people out there hellbent on wearing out that tarmac lol.  and that's when i hooked up with my running family & friends.  i started training and running races, experimented with my running form, increased my mileage and after completing my first half marathon, felt that my dream of running a full marathon was finally within my grasp.  weehooooo,  i was going to run a full, that only-in-my-dreams 42km.

Then came the big blow to my grand plans. in late december i suffered my first sport related injury.. i had somehow aggravated my plantar fascia and developed plantar faciitis.  oh me oh my, thats when i realised just how very blessed i was to be running injury free all those years. bcos i tell ya peeps, u dont wanna go hurting yourself when you're past 50.. it just takes too damn long to bounce back!!

Chillin' out with toffee

After months of trying out several treatments, from prolonged resting to icy footbaths to hot waxing to ultrasound to electrical what have yous, i finally succumbed to what i still consider to be the most evasive option - an anti inflammatory steroid jab right at the source of my pain. theres no guarantee that i'll be within the 70 percentile of patients who respond well to the treatment, but i choose to be hopeful.  after 2 weeks i get to try out my foot and hopefully, everything will be back to normal.

Icy footbaths can be quite painful

Physiotherapy session in progress

Finally... 'the jab'

This year, the only run i participated in was one i just couldnt miss out on, it being right in my backyard lol. the shapadu run 2012... and bcos it was one of those obscure lil races the elites dont even bother with, i came in 4th for the women veteran category, surprise surprise.  but it wasnt a run i was happy with. i was way too mindful of the pain in my foot.  i couldnt just belasah and give it my all like always and it was pretty damn frustrating.


Women Veteran 6km - 4th

Checking out the medal & RM50 prize money

Checking out the foot..  lil twinges of pain but not too bad

i just want to get back where i left off and continue from there. theres still so much to do, so many miles to run before i hit that elusive 42.  but as always i'm hopeful.  and i'm lucky to have the support of my running family & friends. they are the main source of my inspiration... truth be told, hitting the roads at my age can be pretty challenging.  with friends and a coach more than willing to help me out, i know, God willing, one fine day i'll finally make it as a marathoner :-))

With my running kids

.. and running buddies  :))

With fellow blogger Ray

But lesson learnt, respect the age & keep listening to that body.  everyone has their own limits, and if that limit needs to be tested, take it slow & easy.


June Malik said...

Jab won't last u long kena jaga jugak ..I had few of those lol ..insyaallah you will do ur 42, even if it's one time .. Hopefully, somehow I will be there either to support or with you ..tapi u laju lah, tak terkejar lol .. Rest and heal gf.

lina said...

Take care and hope all the pain will be gone soon and you get to have a go at that 42K! :)

Congrats on the 4th placing! tabik spring! ^^

ruby said...

take care kak tiff.. insya'Allah, 42km tu tak kemana, setia menunggu, he3.. miss you!! <3

Justiffa said...

Juney.. for full mara i gotta learn to slow down, 1. respect the distance 2. respect the age ;-))

Justiffa said...

Lina.. thx so much and keep sending those doas in my direction, sgt diperlukan lol

U keep running also ya, if it brings u joy keep at it :))

Justiffa said...

B oh B miss u too laaaa, senyuman ceria anda will brighten up anyone's day he3

Doakan akak B, doakan :)

Ordinary Superhero said...

Welcome back! And congrats for the Shapadu Run

Justiffa said...

Thx OS.... btw did u run hat SCKLM aritu?