Sunday, June 3, 2012

Toffee Latte

When nicolei died he left a void, a huge one in fact.  he was always there for all of us and truth be told, with the head of the family constantly absent, we were quite often in a rather  needy & dysfunctional state lol.

He listened patiently to all my rantings, he kept AH company during her revisions & assignments, he helped drain away most of AI's emo energy and he stayed beside Cikgu even thru his earth shattering snores.  yup, he stuck it out thru thick & thin and loved his people just as much as we loved him.

Our darling Nicolei, who will always be close to our hearts

I never thought i'd take in another cat, i just didnt want the emotional involvement.  loving & losing is never easy.

Then a little bundle of fur found his way between the mountain of boxes i kept stored upstairs... and straight into my heart.  so much for keeping that heart locked & barred lol.  one of the strays had decided to have her kitties at my house and was recklessly moving her litter around, hurting and losing them in the process.  at that point she had only two left and to keep a long story short, i ended up with toffee latte, while his bro, adam, ended up with the vet at sekyen 13 lol.

Toffee Latte & bro Adam @ 5 weeks

Oh it was quite a responsibility raising a small kitty still dependent on his mother's milk.  i remember carting him around in a little paper bag armed with towels, milk bottles & lil teddy bears to keep him company lol.  as long as he was fed he kept pretty quiet so he's no stranger to sunway pyramid, sacc mall, guthrie's driving range and even the hair saloon hehehe.

Bottle feeding baby toffee

Warm & snug in a paper bag

Toffee in the car

Toffee at the hair saloon

 Toffee safely tucked in at home

The future Toffee Bolt y'all

He's now about 6 months and quite a handful, but its no surprise that he has become everybody's sweetheart, even stoick, often emotionless, i-dont-like-cats daddy lol.  maybe animals naturally understand hierarchy & recognize the 'top cat' bcos toffee, that used to be lil-ball-of-fur just idolizes big daddy.  he purrs & sleeps with daddy every chance he gets and he wont settle for 'no' either lol.

 Toffee with his 'hero' - big daddy

He can never take the place of nicolei bcos nicolei already has a special place in all our hearts but toffee has become a natural extension of his legacy... toffee's also there for all of us.  but most importantly he has brought the family back together again.  these days, everyone looks forward to coming home for some 'toffee therapy' hehehe :)

Toffee Latte @ 6 months

I hope he will be blessed with a long & healthy life.  we need our toffee latte :-D


Ann Sedai said...

waaaa...dah besar!!!! toffee therapy eh, he looks like the happiest cat in the world :D

Justiffa said...

Ann apa citer abg encem? i do hope hes ok