Monday, October 4, 2010

Its the age

Yup, i guess thats what it is.

I'm an emotional wreck these days.  tersangat la sen-ti-men-tal.. skit2 je berair mata, another level up meleleh air hidung plak lol. and sometimes over the most inconsequential things.

Unstable hormones most certainly. i'm not at the pre-menopausal stage for nothing you know lol.

But its also the sad, melancholic feeling that life is passing me by.  i hit 49 last month which means its just one more year before the big five-o. fifty, separuh abad.. theres something very resolute about the sound of that!!

The family pulled a surprise at a friend's raya gathering.. 

 .. i wasnt supposed to know hehehe

At Wadi Samrah, Janda Baik

Although some would say that its just numbers, its also indicative of how fast the sand in my hour-glass is falling. life has a way of moving relentlessly ahead doesnt it but thats ok, i personally am looking forward to the next phase. a phase where i can sit back, let go of some of the burden that i've been carrying & just focus on growing old, hopefully as gracefully as i can.

Sept 17 - Together with golfman

Aaah, and to be able to share the twilight years with the one you love!! but life has taught me that nothing is a given and i do realise that it might not actually be an aspiration shared by my partner.  he might not be as ready to embrace all the changes that growing old is stringing along in its wake. its not that easy to stare mid-life squarely in the face.

Grey hair? what grey hair? 
The one behind your ears la darling ekekekeh ;p

But whatever it is, i choose to bersangka baik. its much easier on the soul that way lol.

And theres still a lot of stuff on my wishlist..  my pilgrimage, travelling the globe, being a granny, trying out a ferrari hehehe. and that means i need to keep myself as fit & healthy as possible.  semoga Kau panjangkan umur ku dalam iman & taqwa ya Rabb.

p.s. errr juney & azza, you people still game on turning me into a marathoner by end of 2011? ;D


June Malik said...

aahh i know what you mean, but gf, it is just a number after awhile!! cewah .. cakap jer nanti my time datang entah camne LOL and yesss of course our deal stays , you will be a marathoner next year babe, insyaallah .. celebrate 50 with a bang!!

pakmat said... passing us by is a is a myth...for as long as we are alive, then we flow along with it..only an inert soul have his life passing perk up..for yours is a meaningful open up that door and let the sun and the breeze in...cheers..feeling old is optional, lady..

Anonymous said... drive a ferrari? but aunty, i think u can cross that one out sooner! just go test drive one! hehehe...

Azza said...

Dont worry to easily get sentimental, K.Tiff. Mine is bad coz I havent hit 40 yet. Think what u already hv compare to others, you'll be fine.Btw, u bet we wanna see u in 2011 with your hard earn FM medal& bukan ke buat time kitaorg punya 1st anniversary kat SCKLM..kan..kan? Tak sempat nak tgk klu tangguh lama2 ni hahahh

Justiffa said...

Juney...'bang' it will be then (yikes hehehe) ;D

Justiffa said...

On 'rare' occasions, i am reminded of my creaky knees tho ekekekeh.

Jaga diri baik2 pakmat, doakan kami :D

Justiffa said...

MissiEz..nak kena heret uncle sekali, dun think the ferrari people melayan makcik mcm aunty ni heheheh

Justiffa said...

Azza..lets all find strength from each other <3

Adeh, sering darah akak bila ingat nk lari sampai 40 plus k, trus haus tapak kaki mcm tayar botak lol