Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In transition

Golfman is in between jobs right now, and being the workaholic that he is, this lull is killing his brain cells bit by bit.

So he gets temperamental sometimes. and i get sentimental.. the perfect combination for fireworks & waterworks ekekekeh ;p

But we manage.  we try to enjoy each other the best we can and keep ourselves occupied in the process.

And what might be our latest pre-occupation?


Belting out old numbers with friends.

And checking out all the shisha flavours ;p

Ayayaiyayai.. shisha osso can get addicted aah?

Note: shisha joints here should have a cosier, more relaxed atmosphere.. baru ada feel ;p


June Malik said...

hmm karaoke eh? i love to hear ppl sing cos i croaked LOL .. hope things will settle soon :)

Justiffa said...

Alaa kalau croak pun, nyanyi je ramai2 for sure jadi melodious.. just listen to the froggies after rain, very harmonious hehehe ;p

i hope so too juney, and that there'll also be some 'fun' in store for me instead of the constant loneliness.

Oldstock said...

That's exactly where I am now, Justiffa... in transition :-)

Justiffa said...

Hang in there oldstock!!! insyallah the best is yet to come :D