Wednesday, October 6, 2010

AI's 22

I have indeed been blessed with truly wonderful children.  and their less than peachy childhood have made me realise rather early how fragile life can be and how very precious they really are to me.

 Just like his brother, my second child had his fair share of early childhood trauma - he suffered a stroke at about 10 months and was partially paralysed. alhamdulillah he regained full mobility after just 2 weeks and has been fine since (except for the occasional bouts of asthma, courtesy of his father hehehe).

1989 @ Langkawi with abah & abang

And just like his brother, he has become my other pillar of strength. strength that i depend on whenever their daddy goes on another of his 'disappearing' acts. heck, without my 3 kids i wouldnt have been able to live thru this yo-yo existence another day lol.

Ish ish, anak mama dah besar panjang ek ;p

2010 @ Wadi Samrah.

But still my baby la hehehe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling, semoga bahagia sokmo mwaaaaaaah ;D

Pics of birthday dinner @ TGIF...and they took him completely by surprise lol.


June Malik said...

OOh happy birthday to him too .. may he gets all the wonderful blessings :)

btw, dont worrylah gf .. u will kaw kaw do ur 42k in style :)

Justiffa said...

Tq gf, will pass on the kind wishes to him <3

Hehehe..still kenot imagine going beyond 20 n not motivated enuf to try right now, how la haish ;p (alasan, alasan)