Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hello hello.. anyone still out there

Oh My God.

My last entry was in November of last year and in another month's time it'll be November again!!!!  One year of my life, a big chuck of it.... tapi  tak terasa masa yang berlalu.  It seems like only yesterday I was that simple, down to earth woman who was realistic but at the same time, a hopeful (not hopeless mind you lol) romantic.

What has changed in all that time?  Indeed, an awful lot.  so much that I can say with certainty I am not the same person anymore.  and its not necessarily a bad thing, I like who I am now.

If nothing else i'm still as active as I was before bcos I still love love love a good sweat.   but my activities have kinda changed.  No more running & jumping, at least for now... but instead lotsa lotsa cycling with a little bit of swimming thrown in.  Why?  bcos back in march of this year I popped my Achilles tendon while I was jumping about like a mad monkey.  it was  during one of my high impact aerobics session, the kind that squeezes out every drop of sweat outta you.

Yup.  my Achilles tendon, that ridge at the back of the ankle running up the calf... and according to the doc, the biggest tendon in my body. 

"You should listen to your body" people tell me. "You shouldn't keep pushing yourself" they sputter.  Sigh.  Its actually easier said than done.  When u're relatively fit and constantly active ur body tells u, Go Go Go.   I felt fine before my tendon snapped, in fact I was feeling on top of the world shaking my booty with the rest of the ladies at the gym lol. Was there indicative pain? No.  Was I in any way feeling tired? No. But I guess at this age limit is only known once it is crossed. I guess the body itself is feeling its way around trying to reset new levels.

Anyway, here I am, as I am lol.. its been 7 months of rehab and sweating it out is still one of my favourite state of being.

But this time, I'm gradually moving away from competitive events (even if all this while the competition was with nobody else but myself lol).  i'm more at peace now.  although I still hv demons to slay, they seem to be less ferocious somehow lol.  life is an adventure and I want to enjoy every bit of time that's left to me.  in a nutshell, I just wanna be happy :)

So, I bought myself a surly and am now in the process of slowly prepping it up to be tour ready.  slowly but surely i'm heading out for the horizon lol


RaYzeef said...

Welcome back macik power.

Kalau kayuh sampai Rusia ingatlah kami disini ;)

More blog post please

Justiffa said...

Ha3... dia yang power dh sampai Budapest bagai, kite ni bunyi je lebih. I so jeles of u ray, but also very glad to hv a friend doing the things I dream of doing, U INSPIRE ME :D

Ordinary Superhero said...

Welcome back.

Justiffa said...

OS!!!!!!! ltns I miss u guys lol... tq its good to be back but still feeling my way, the words are still stuck at the end of my fingerstips heh3