Monday, November 25, 2013 evening with the running ladies

MWM will always hold a special place in my heart.  My maiden marathon set in my most favourite playground - shah alam.  So its only natural that I'd be excited about doing it again next year although I'm not crazy over running marathons. MWM is the only one on my must do list lol.

Preoccupied with cycling, I almost missed out on MWM's first running clinic.  Galvanised into action I immediately registered for the full and thru sweet generous karen got myself a last minute invite he3.
Its always nice to be surrounded by like minded people especially when most of them are friends. 

Suzie & marlina of the pink runners were there as well as other familiar faces, all smiling away happy to a part of the sisterhood.  Of course there were also men present;  husbands, partners, supporters, media but it was women who held centre stage.

And residing over the rest was of course the inspiring, legendary yet very humble & down to earth Kathrine Switzer.  As usual she was mobbed by adoring fans all wanting a piece of her lol.... but being the gracious lady that she was, everybody was treated with a hug and a smile.

Being a regular at the tasik, karen asked me to point out to the trainers the possible routes for the short running session.....  and boy was i nervous, shuffling along in the company of such speedy runners he3.
After the rousing speeches and the  preliminaries were over and done with,  the trainers took over and brought most of the participants for a short brisk run round the tasik.   

I gave it a skip bcos this time; I wanted to make sure I snapped a pic with kathrine, something I failed to do previously.  Yup at 66, she's my inspiration.... and bcos of her I cant say I cant anymore lol.

All good things must come to an end and by 7pm most of us had to go our separate ways.

Till the next running clinic sisters mine ;))

(Photo credit - Marlina of Life in my own backyard & Andrew of Moving on AC - TQVM)

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lina said...

I pun nak beli satu kamera camtu la ;)