Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm back

Blame it on fb... it makes communicating short & sweet but it doesnt really help in sorting out the thoughts in your head.  kekadang tambah serabut lagi ada but then again, we're supposed to be controlling the things around us, not the other way around. so no fb has not taken over my life *and if i say it often enough i might believe it lol*

Lots have been happening, things that i can and want to share, things that i cant. and as usual when theres an overload of info, we'll just cut the trimmings and get down to the basics.

I'm still running, its the love of my life.... but, sad to say, i'm still bugged by my foot injury.  somehow that plantar faciitis that i had just refuses to leave me alone.  i used to moan & groan about it, but now i realise that when God closes one door, in His absolute Mercy, He opens up so many others.  one of it is my exposure to the joys of cycling.  i would never have wanted to try anything else when i was so absorbed in my running, but the moment that i had to start crosstraining and find a suitable alternative, the world opened right in front of me.  now i have no regrets.  well to be honest, theres still that tightness in the pit of my stomach whenever i think of the good old painfree days when i was happily pounding the tarmac day after day after day... but now i know, that i hv the means to go that much faster & further and its also a good feeling indeed.

So now i have added another chapter in my life.  yup, its true that life begins at 40, but then it also starts again at 50, 60, 70... insyaalah selagi hayat dikandung badan and as long as faith & hope flows thru your veins,  life will never stop unravelling its mystery & surprises :)

One week of bike hunting... could this be the one?

Finally my very own... BH Crystal Women Pro-series

Look out for Diari Kayuh Seorang Macik after this k and share my journey as i try my best to grow old maybe not gracefully, but meaningfully  ;)


lina said...

Huiyooo... Nice bike. Bila training kat Putrajaya? Holler if you see me shuffling there. ;)

Nice to meet you semalam. :)

Justiffa said...

Same here, finally in person ya he3.

Will do..soon nak pi temankan my buddies training for powerman kat putrajaya