Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Sale

Its on.. everything's on sale.  all you need is to bring along enough mooolah hehehe.

Sadly,  i'm not a shop-a-holic so big sales dont mean much to me.  if the man had more sense he'd be eternally grateful to have such a low maintenance wife.  the throng of people at mega sales scare the living daylights outta me (what if there was a stampede over at the shoes & handbag counter?).  i even came back from the land of turkish delights with only a pair of leather boots to my name lol.

But i'm thinking i should brave the crowds just so i can get me a new pair of running shoes.  especially bcos now i kinda know what i should be looking for.

Earlier this month i was fortunate enough to chance upon a promotion by adidas, in collabration with mbsa for its sahabat taman tasik kick off.  there was a free foot scanning service as well as a podiatrist to recommend the best solution to suit each requirement.

After looking at my foot scan and physically examining my feet, the podiatrist procaimed that i belonged to the high arch category and in consideration to my age and weight, recommend that i search for shoes with cushioning, torsion system & toe-off 

That actually translates into the adidas blue range i.e. emphasis is on cushioning...adistar ride 2, supernova glide 2. response csh 19, bounce venus, adizero boston, adizero adios, adizero ace.  still a long list but at least i'll be zeroing in on these specific targets.

But still, buying the right shoe is such a big hassle isnt it?!


Ordinary Superhero said...

Me in that category too!

Justiffa said...

Good luck with the running in 2011, dun give up k ;p

Ordinary Superhero said...

Akak RK, jom target full marathon in 2011.

I saw someone wearing a bib "FMV love June Malik" during the recent Malakoff 12km Run, must be one of your running buddy!

Justiffa said...

Jom... but u're way ahead of me OS, you've done ur half maras, akak satu half pun blum lg.

But we'll persevere, insyallah ;p

June malik or juney as i call her is a dear friend, she's one of the pioneers of the FMV group - Full Marathon Virgins which we can be a member of if we're serious with the marathon'll be great for motivation which we'll be needing lots of whn the going gets tough lol. FMV is on facebook and juney has her own blog, taking it one day at a time.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Yup, seen the link to FMV and june's blog previously. My salute to them for what they were doing to encourage full marathon newbies.