Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The road to my 1st half mara (1)

I finally popped my hm cherry. i really really did. at long last its over and done with.

I completed my 21k woohoo!!

Yup, fi-nal-ly.

I love to run, we've long established that. but i'm also very very wary of hurting or injuring myself . yeah maybe i'm a pansy but i also didnt need an "i told you so" to break my almost non-existent self-confidence.  so by the usual standards, i have really taken my own sweet time to be where i am right now.

My 1st 10k run in 2005... and my 1st half marathon in 2011. thats quite a big gap considering the fact that i have been running consistently between all that time.  why didnt i try it sooner you might ask? since i loved running so much, wasnt i interested in ever running a marathon?

Larian Shah Alam 10k - 2005

Larian Shah Alam 10k - 2006

Larian Shah Alam 10k - 2007

Larian Rakyat ICity - 2009

KOTR Shah Alam - 2009

Of course i am.. i dream of becoming a marathoner. i want to become a marathoner.  but its a pretty big endeavor and to someone who has been pounding the miles mostly on her own, slogging away blindly with only her passion for motion pushing her on, its almost monumental.

I started late. although we like to say better late than never, it does have its drawbacks.  my body worked against me most of the time and finding like minded people my age wasnt easy, in fact i didnt find anyone in my neck of the woods.  and back then i was just too embarrassed to join in with the younger crowd. i felt out of place, pretty much a sore thumb. i felt i had no business being with them & dragging everyone down to my level of 'un-fitness'.

So i went about it on my own. since my family & friends werent into running, i turned to the net for the latest dos & donts. oh what would i do without mr google lol and i also did a whole lot of stalking -  runner's blogs, forums, the likes. and slowly i got to know some pretty awesome people who later became my friends, my mentors. peeps, you know who you are, thank you.

And earlier this year i finally summoned enough courage to join a running group, one which of course consisted mainly of young 'uns but it didnt really matter anymore bcos the time had come for me to improve & be serious about my running.  if i really wanted to be a marathoner, i had to do something about it.

My first outing with ANR Shah Alam

Running tips by coach Edan Shah

Hill work



.. and more drills.

I now know that i had made the right decision. adination of runners shah alam.. they took this macik in and made her feel welcomed.  it didnt matter that i was probably the oldest member and in the likes of their moms, they accepted me as part of the team and with the support of my running family, i have indeed improved in leaps & bounds.

Seremban HM 10k - my 1st ever cash prize

KLIUC run - my 2nd cash prize

Running is still a spiritual experience for me, i feel closest to my maker when i'm out there pounding the tarmac mile after mile.. but it has also become a time spent with friends, rejoicing the very tenacity & resilience of the human spirit, of conquering the fears & inadequacy within ourselves, and of setting our spirits free.

Yes, with my 1st half marathon done, i hope it marks the beginning of better things ahead. like they say, its not just about the destination, its also about the journey.  and i'm pretty sure it will be a journey of great discovery.. about myself, others & life itself.

Lets hit the road

Race report coming up next ;)


Julin Julai said...

wah sangat gempak..siap ada part 1 part 2 lagi.
Congrats kak tiffa!

June Malik said...

Hehe told ya many times you could do it !!

Ordinary Superhero said...

Agreed, memang gempak....menanti next entry...,anxiously.

P/s: jeles, cash prize summore.

lina said...

Salam & tumpang lalu. :)

Your post is so inspirational to noobs like me.

All the best to your nedevaours for a full marathon soon. I'm hoping I can try a HM next year. ^^

Justiffa said...

Hehehe thx doc.. bukan apa, byk nak citer maklum la tak pernah ;p

Justiffa said...

Juney, thx for always believing in me babe <3

Justiffa said...

OS - jgn jeles2, bukan byk mana pun, skali tu 50 hinggit, the other 20 je, but for me still a very exciting experience :)

Justiffa said...

Lina, welcome.. as long as it brings us joy, lets keep running :)