Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dream on

Yup i'm still alive & kicking, up & running hehehe.  the hard days & long nites havent gotten to me yet.. and its gonna take more than that to bring this soldier's daughter down LOL.

Right now i find myself focusing more on my running. probably wearing my kneecaps off in the process but i'm happy. and i'm feeling really good about myself.  i'll be hitting 50 in a couple of months but oddly, i've never felt better and more in control of my body (which is more than i can say for my restless, wayward soul but we cant have everything now can we lol).

1973 - Rumah Hijau, ABS Mentakab

Becoming a member of a running group was probably one of the smartest decisions i'd made in a long while.  theres nothing more gratifying then being with like minded people who share the same crazy passion as you do.  things like voluntarily running up and down a steep hill to the verge of puking while others are chilling out watching their fav drama on tv. and running round and round and round the field close to becoming mental just so u can clock up an hour of running on grass while all around you the rest of humanity's goofing about having fun.

2011 - ANR Shah Alam

And what keeps me coming back for more? theres nothing that can quite compare with the satisfaction of using ur body to the max. and apart from the x word lol,  running is the thing for me.  maybe i'm just addicted to the endorphine rush but its what makes me feel good and feeling good, when you've already put in half a century of living, is definately on top of my list.

I'm still not really that interested in running races but now i'm slowly working my way towards making my dream come true.. to have the strength & courage to finish at least one marathon in my lifetime.

Maybe not now, maybe not ever but as long as i am still running, the hope is there and the dream is still alive :)


June Malik said...

and you will realise that dream tiff, crossing the finishing line of a 42.195 run :) *hugs*

Zack Yui said...

Kak tiff, I know a little about dreams. If I can chip in with my 2 cents: Believe. And dont be scared of dreams... :)

Ann Sedai said...

wow! you have a great running posture there. it's not easy to do such thing.. and about the 42.195 aunty, impossible is nothing :D

Justiffa said...

Insyallah juney :) *hugging back*

Justiffa said...

Zack, i do believe i can see a brighter light at the end of the tunnel, especially when i keep reading about all the fantastic things u guys are doing ;p

Insyallah, one of these days urat berani akak akan timbul jua he3

Justiffa said...

Yup yup ann, impossible is nothing hoyeaah (takut je LOL) ;p