Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lets work it

I'm not an athlete, nor am i athletic but i've always had these weird dreams of running. you know how it is that sometimes you dream of endlessly falling, falling, falling from some great height and suddenly waking up midfall?  its the same except this time its running, running, running into the great horizon, sometimes fast sometimes in slow mo but always in constant motion. and i can still taste that lingering feeling of power & freedom when i wake up.

So maybe its just my subconcious telling me to break free of all that binds me. maybe i'm just being fanciful. but whatever it is, instead of speeding off into the sunset in a sleek powerful ferrari or cruising the super highways on a rumbling harley, its being in control of my own body that excites me enough to keep dreaming about.

Theres nothing more beautiful than rippling muscles set in motion. you see it in the lions & tigers while they're chasing their prey or the wild horses when they're galloping the fields. and even men when they're either bent on out running each other or out chasing their own demons lol.

I admit, i'll always take that extra second to check out the runner that i'm passing while i drive down that road.  its a subconcious reaction, a feeling of connection. heck i cant explain it well enough for it to come off other than being fanciful. but i think other people who seem to like pounding god's earth would understand lol.

In a world of uncertainty and chaos, its liberating to feel that at least we can be in control of our body.  its god's gift and its up to us to use it in the best possible way.

For me its running.. but theres walking, climbing, swimming, diving, dancing, whatever moves you.  just get out there and work it ;p

Have a good week ahead peeps!


Oldstock said...

I was a runner once. Middle distance, 400m and 800m. Did some jogging too when I started work but somehow I lost the excitement. Now I cycle and swim... if I have the time, that is.

Nin said...

The expression of appreciation of running from a runner's perspective =) Yup, if we're passionate about something, we tend to see it in a different light and with deeper respect and appreciation, kan?

June Malik said...

u've definitely got the bug and the passion .. just like me creaking knees and all lol .. take care gf .. i am heading for early retirement in long runs :(

Justiffa said...

Oldstock - waaaah disenchanted runner in da house ;p no worries swimming & cycling pun bagus gak but... u hafta make time la oldstock, for the greater good :)

Stay happy & healthy k ;D

Justiffa said...

Nin - akak ni lari suke2 je hehehe but yes you're right about being passionate, the feeling runs deep :D

So whats your passion? do share :)

Justiffa said...

Juney - kite buat sekadar mampu.. as long as we're happy its all that matters ;D

Take care gf