Friday, April 8, 2011

A first of many

I finally did something i should have done a long time ago... join a running club.

Adination of runners shah alam has actualy been around for quite some time and although i'm aware of its existence, i just didnt feel it was for me.  there i was, a makcik who knew nuts about running, with no targets and nothing but her love of movement going for her.

And the thought of being with all the strong young runners was pretty scary lol.

But then i guess like most things in life, it was actually a matter of the right timing.  my break from work has given me the freedom to explore a lot of areas that hadnt been accessible to me before and i can now pursue the things that i love,  running being a big part of it.

One thing led to another and before i knew it, i was doing drills lol.  it doesnt matter that i'm probably the oldest makcik in the group,  it doesnt matter that people are throwing me funny looks..  i'm just happy that i now have the opportunity to better myself and be with others who share the same passion.

I'm still the target-less makcik who just loves to run and isnt too concerned about racing or PBs..  but at least now i'm more informed lol.

And i finally, finally got my wish of running through the beautifully lighted streets of shah alam.. my first nite run ever!!  and it was great :)

I guess there'll be more running stories after this lol.


Anonymous said...

comel la post ni...hahah. tapi makcik yang lari sgt laju k! salute! ;)


Ordinary Superhero said...


ruby said...

akak ku yg laju.. :)

Justiffa said...

fira - welcome2... ari tu aunty cari gak link to ur blog tp tak jumpa pun!! katne ek?

Justiffa said...

OS - tg3x ;p

Justiffa said...

Oh ruby ku yg tegar :D