Monday, October 22, 2018

Looking into that mirror

I was recently directed to a blog while surfing and i am suddenly reminded that I, myself, am also an owner of a blog!!  Yeah, really lol and i used to love love love blogging.. expressing myself, sharing thoughts, recording experiences, exchanging ideas, the list goes on.  But it tapered off, slowly, without me realising it.  Until today.  I’ve been thinking about it.  Why have I stopped doing something that initially gave me so much joy & fulfillment.  Why??

3 reasons come to mind..
One, i’ve become a lazy bum and blogging takes too much time and effort.
Two, i’ve become a busy bee and when I’m free, blogging is the furthest thing on my mind.
Three, i’m actually running away from myself bcos blogging has a lot to do with honest to goodness self reflection and I actually don’t really like what I see.

I’m kinda thinking it’s mostly number three on that list.  I’m kinda thinking that my life is not where I want it to be and i’m sweeping stuff under the carpet.  And I’m also thinking that right now I’m not courageous enough to make the decisions that I should.

So, maybe I should start to collect my scattered thoughts and slowly build the strength to face that person in the mirror.   And face her with courage & honesty 🤟

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